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Performing Animals Welfare Society CA

On the weekend of August 27-30, 2010, PEIVDF mission instructors, workers and volunteers traveled to the Performing Animals Welfare Society (PAWS) in San Andreas, California. In what PAWS dubbed a “Dental Marathon”, nine veterinary dental specialists completed 19 root canal therapies and one oral surgery on five of the sanctuary’s resident tigers – Rodney, Majesty, Ravi, Artemis, and Peja.

These tigers were among the group of 39 tigers PAWS rescued in 2003 and 2004 from the deplorable conditions in which they were living at a “pseudo-sanctuary” operated under the name “Colton Tiger Rescue” in Colton, California. To read more about the incredible rescue effort and view photos of these gorgeous tigers, click HERE to be taken to their page on the PAWS website.

To view PAWS’ Tiger Dental Weekend at ARK 2000 video, click HERE to be taken to the video on their YouTube page. You can read PAWS’ newsletter thanking PEIVDF for their efforts by clicking HERE.

Please click HERE to be taken to the PAWS homepage, to read about the amazing work being done to give so many animals a second chance at a peaceful and healthy existence, far removed from the previous cruelty they suffered at the hands of humans.