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Lions Tigers and Bears CA

Situated on 93 acres outside of Alpine, California, on the edge of the Cleveland National Forest, Lions Tigers & Bears is an animal sanctuary for rescued big cats and exotic animals in beautiful San Diego County. Nestled in a scenic landscape of majestic oak trees, meadows, and rolling hills, our sanctuary offers an idyllic, natural habitat for more than 60 animals who have been neglected and abused in captivity across the country. The ranch provides a peaceful refuge for the animals to live with dignity in a safe, nurturing environment, where they can run, play, swim and enjoy fresh air. 

To read more about the founder, Bobbi Brink, and her team’s incredible work, visit their website:

On the weekend of September 10-22, 2016, a team of eleven doctors and technicians from PEIVDF – including two new students – travelled to Alpine CA for our mission to Lions, Tigers, and Bears.  

The busy team treated (7) residents:  (3) mountain lions, (2) tigers, a bear, and a bobcat.  The patients received (6) root canal therapies, (7) extractions, and one oral surgery.